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Archives: December, 2010

Cache of Demotic Ostraca found in the Fayoum

Two kilometers north of Qarun Lake in the Fayoum, at the Graeco-Roman site of Soknopaiou Nesos, a cache of 150 ostraca were discovered. Every ostracon bore an inscription of a priest in the services of the god Soknopaios.


Temple of Ptah near modern-day village of Meet Rahina sits submerged in sewage

Reported in recent news from Egypt, the temple of Ptah, bulit during the reign of Ramesses II, is hit hard by sewage problems as it lies partially submerged in sewage.


Dr. Zahi Hawass chosen as '2010 Personality of the Year'

In light of his contributions to the field of Egyptology over the past years, Dr. Zahi Hawass was chosen as the 2010 Personality of the Year by the 'La Asosación Plataforma Para Fomento de los Oficios Artisticos' (APFOA) and it marks the second time he has received an honor from Spain.