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Archives: August, 2010

Falcon, Cats, Crocodiles - Art and Animals in Ancient Egypt

The Museum Rietberg in Zurich features an exhibit focusing on art and animals in ancient Egypt. Featuring material from the Metropolitan Musem of Art in New York and the Egyptian Musem in Cairo, the exhibit runs till November 14, 2010.


Special Exhibit: Insights into Ancient Egypt (German)

The Hammer Gustav Lübcke Museum in Hamm, Germany hosts a special exhibition titled 'Insights into ancient Egypt' (from German "Einblicke ins alte Ägypten"), running from Sep. 26, 2010 to Jan. 30, 2010. Akhenaten/Amenhetep IV, the heretic king of the 18th Dynasty, stands at the forefront of the exhibition and the focus is on the daily life during the reign of Akhenaten.


3,500 year old Trading Post discovered in the Kharga Oasis

A team of archaeologists from Yale University has unearthed the remains of an Egyptian city built more than 3,500 years ago in the southern Kharga oasis, which once connected caravan routes between the Nile Valley and what is now western Sudan.


New Egyptian Gallery at the Ipswich Museum


Report on a new Egyptian Gallery at the Ipswich Museum